November 13th Update from Skate Ontario

As the situation in Ontario with the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve rapidly, we recognize this is a stressful and challenging time for our Skate Ontario clubs & skating schools.  The Government of Ontario announced updates today to its COVID-19 Response Framework that impact many municipalities.  We’d like to confirm the following information as it relates to the implementation of the COVID-19 Response Framework within Skate Ontario clubs & skating schools:

  • The Green, Yellow and Orange zones are considered to be within Stage 3.  As such, the Maximum Training Group Sizes remain as they are published in the Skate Ontario Protocols (Version 5.0 – October 16, 2020).

  • The Red zone is considered to be Stage 2.  As such, the Maximum Training Group Size is 10 individuals on the ice, including skaters and coaches.


October 16th Update from Skate Ontario:

Skate Ontario continues to prioritize the health and safety of our skating community during the on-going global pandemic. Following the Provincial announcement on Friday October 9th regarding enhanced measures zones in Toronto, Peel and Ottawa – Skate Ontario has received clarification of how this will impact skating programs in our province.

As per Ontario Regulation 572/20, Schedule 2, Section 13 – the following applies to all indoor sports and recreational facilities including community centres, multi-purpose facilities and arenas:

The total number of members of the public permitted to be in a class, organized program or organized activity at the facility cannot exceed 10 people and each class, organized program or organized activity must take place in a separate room. 

For areas outside of these enhanced measures zones, the training group sizes referenced in Skate Ontario Return to Play Protocols 4.2 (October 2, 2020) will continue to apply.

The Skate Ontario Return to Play Protocols will be updated and posted shortly.


Things are moving really quickly in the COVID-19 planning at Newmarket Skating Club.

We are governed by Skate Canada and Skate Ontario and we take guidance from these organizations and local and regional health authorities.

As these organizations update their policies and procedures, so too will NSC.

Please see our Return to Play Protocol and the Town of Newmarket Facility Opening Protocol for more details as to how we are ensuring your skaters (and our communities) safety.

You can find the latest information at:

York Region COVID-19 Resources
Skate Ontario COVID-19 Updates
Skate Canada COVID-19 Resources

Be safe, and we will all get through this together.