NSC is a not-for-profit organization, governed and operated by our Board of Directors

This Board is completely made up of volunteers who generously donate their time to manage the Club operations.

Programs Director/Administration

Please direct any questions or concerns to Heather Jannaway


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Virginia Michaud

2022-23  |  President


PRESIDENT: is the Club’s liaison with the Town of Newmarket. The President, working with the Program Director, is responsible for reserving ice and rooms for the skating season, test days and special events. Also within the responsibilities of the position is to set the skating schedules, chairing monthly Board of Directors meetings, organizing advertising, producing registration forms and arranging the skating calendar for the year. The President works with the Treasurer to formulate and present budgets. The President must also oversee each position on the Board of Directors to ensure all activities are being completed as required.

Vice President
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Tony Okorn

2022-23  |  Vice President


VICE PRESIDENT: assists the President in all areas as required.

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Kylie Doerner

2022-23  |  Secretary


Secretary: Takes minutes at all Board of Directors and General meetings. Has charge of all books, papers, reports, certificates, records, documents and instruments belonging to the Skating Club. Submits to Skate Canada and the Section such reports as are required by Skate Canada rules and other regulations.

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Carolyn Terzievski

2022-23  |  Treasurer


TREASURER: ensures the Club finances are in order and is responsible for the safe control of all Club funds. The Treasurer prepares and submits financial statements to the Board of Directors on a regular basis, prepares an annual budget, prepares financial reports for the Annual General Meeting, and arranges for an unaudited annual financial review. The Treasurer is responsible for ensuring that registration revenue is deposited for each skating school and all bills are paid in a timely manner including coaches’ remuneration. The Treasurer is also responsible for contacting members to request reimbursement when cheques are returned.

Assessment/Test Chairperson
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Paula Evanoff

2022-23 |  Skate Canada Test Chairperson


SKATE CANADA TEST CHAIRPERSON: is responsible for the organization, scheduling and administration of all matters relating to Club Test Days, including determining ice and lounge requirements, booking necessary judges and verifying skaters’ names and tests. The Test Chairperson must keep all test-related paperwork up to date, report the necessary information to Skate Canada, and verify out-of-club tests.

Please see our STARSkate Testing page for more information.

Club Coach Representative
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Catharine Willman

2022-23  |  Coach's Representative


CLUB COACH REPRESENTATIVE: is the coaching staff’s spokesperson on the Board of Directors and provides input and guidance to the Board on technical matters communicating with all coaches to provide regular reports. Elected annually by the coaches of the Club.

Please see our Meet Our Coaches page for more information.

Volunteers are truly the lifeblood of our club.

Parents and family members bring many great skills to our club by volunteering their time and talents to make our club a special place to skate. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact skatingprograms@newmarketskatingclub.com

Program Assistant Supervisor
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Heather Jannaway

2022-23 | Program Assistant Co-Ordinator


PROGRAM ASSISTANT SUPERVISOR: is responsible for obtaining and scheduling Program Assistants to cover Junior, Canskate and PreCanskate sessions, organizing and administering PA training sessions, distributing and collecting PA sweat-shirts and recording club dollars or volunteer hours earned.

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Julie Achtermeier

2022-23 | Director


Tracy Moses

2022-23 | Director


Tricia Wretham

2022-23 | Director


David Quittner

2022-23 | Director