Meet Our Coaches

When skaters have graduated from the Learn to skate program, you will need to arrange Coaching (Bronze/Silver/Gold)

All of our Private Coaches are Skate Canada Certified!

How do I arrange for Private Coaching?

When choosing a coach for your skater, there are a few things to consider including their rates, availability and qualifications.
Rates are affected by the coach's qualifications and experience; whether the lesson is private, semi private or a group lesson; as well as the length of the lesson.

Contact a coach to find out if he or she is accepting additional skaters.

To find out more about coaching certifications, please visit Skate Canada.

The Newmarket Skating Club is committed to assisting our coaches to excellence at all levels, inspiring, guiding, encouraging and supporting them to reach their full potential in a positive environment.

CanSkate Coaches

All of our CanSkate Coaches are Skate Canada Certified!

Many of our CanSkate coaches are current or former NSC skaters who learned to skate in the same environment as your child during these sessions.

To learn more about how to become a coach, please visit Skate Canada.

Cynthia Willman
Alfred Lau
Jessye Apps
Jessica Wang
Holly Evanoff
Marilena Perri
Elliott Graham
Catherine Michaud
Diane Buick
Derek Brittain
Jerod Sparrow
Katia Skubitsky
Samantha Leach
Sienna Moses
Emily Fischer
Elizabeth Michaud